Esblada Medical offers Kaukalink for free, with its one month BASIC plan starting at the user registration date.After this period, it is up to you to decide what to do. Before that, there is no contractual commitment.

Use the application to reduce the time between the order and the patient download the results.

How do I start using Kaukalink?

If you are the laboratory manager, fill out the form with your information and you will automatically receive:

A laboratory's administrator user name and password so you can start using the application. Once signed in, it will be noticed that everything is preconfigured: user registration, requests design, analyses catalogs, …

As you enter the application, you will notice that you can customize it with your logo so that it is included in your customers display.

You may start creating health centers who send you specimens and users who make electronic requests.

If you are NOT a laboratory manager:Contact your laboratory so you may begin to use it right away!

The laboratory will create your user account and you can start working. The application does not require any configuration, which means that once you receive your access information, you may start working immediately.

All services and Kaukalink are covered by its privacy policy and meet the European data protection regulation (GDPR).

Should there be any doubts, contact us at info@esbladamedical.com

Access Kaukalink

Request free access to Kaukalink for 30 days

Type the email address of the main laboratory administrator:
Laboratory information
EMS Pathology Medical Solutions S.L.
Attend your request of information.
Your personal data will not be sent, except in the case of legal obligation.
Titular rights
Access, rectification, supresion, portability, treatement limitation, and treatment opposition, addressing to the mail: info@esblada.com.

Adapt Kaukalink in order to suit your laboratory's size and needs

How many reports does your laboratory receive in a month?


Select your plan

  • Basic
  • Basic
  • All features
  • 70,00 € / month
  • Premium
  • Premium
  • Connected to everything
  • 100,00 € / month


  • ✓ Electronic request
  • ✓ Results webviewer
  • ✓ Multi device
  • ✓ Real-time notifications
  • ✓ Unlimited reports
  • ✓ Unlimited forms
  • ✓ Unlimited analysis
  • ✓ Limited history (3 months)
  • Premium

  • ✓ Electronic request
  • ✓ Results webviewer
  • ✓ Multi device
  • ✓ Real-time notifications
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited analysis
  • Infinite History
  • API for integration with HIS, LIS, RIS, etc
  • API for LDAP integration
  • System Certification ISO-9001HP Partner© 2022 - Esblada Medical. All rights reserved.
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