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Soluciones específicas de patología

Specific solutions for pathology

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Our products

  • Information System for Anatomic Pathology laboratories.
  • Workflow total traceability .
  • Complete coverage of the processes.
  • Integration of all the instruments and applications involved in laboratory processes.
Pathology Anaytics
  • Business intelligence tool for management.
  • Main Indicators: respons time, activity, workload, etc.
  • Versatile to build your dashboard easily.
  • Data extraction for decision making.
  • Electronic request and Report Viewer in Cloud.
  • Generates labels for sample identification.
  • Send alerts and notifications to the requesting doctor.
  • Security in communications and data
  • Massive slide and cassettes validation.
  • Use artificial vision to guarantee traceability with maximum efficiency.
  • It works integrated to GestPath or Standalone.
  • Information system for laboratories.
  • Electronic Request of tests to other sites.
  • Intelligent real-time notifications
  • Laboratory Report Viewer
  • Cloud Software, accessible from anywhere.

Some of Esblada Medical costumers

  • GestPath has brought the anatomic pathology lab into the XXI century.

  • Excellent service and total availability

  • GestPath has revolutionized the anatomic pathology lab.

  • GestPath digitized many processes that until then we did manually.

  • The support department is very accesible. The few situations in which we needed them, they were always available to us.

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