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Custom software for pathology laboratories

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Our products

  • Laboratory Information System for Pathology labs.
  • Traceability along the entire laboratory workflow
  • Global coverage from petition to report delivery.
  • Integration of all instruments and applications.
Pathology Anaytics
  • Business Intelligence tool associated with GestPath.
  • Dashboard building based on data stored in GestPath.
  • Customized according to the laboratory’s needs.
  • Electronic request and report viewer Cloud Application.
  • Specimen labels generator for accurate identification.
  • It sends alerts to the petitioners.
  • Data and communication security.
  • Mass validation tool of slides and cassettes.
  • Artificial vision facilitates traceability in a fast and secure way.
  • Works with GestPath or as standalone.
  • Laboratory management system
  • Electronic request for tests to other centers
  • Smart alerts in real time
  • Cloud Software: Access from anywhere
  • Lab report viewer

Some of Esblada Medical costumers

  • GestPath has brought the anatomy lab into the XXI century.

  • Excellent service and total availability

  • GestPath has revolutionized the pathological anatomy lab.

  • GestPath has digitally processed many procedures hitherto performed manually.

  • The tech department is close at hand. The few situations in which we needed them, they were always available to us.

Specialists in anatomical pathology

  • Tech solutions that will make your days more efficient
  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Tech solutions and comprehensive services

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