The company

Esblada Medical is a spin off of Esblada Engineering Services. It has over 10 years of experience in both sanitary informatics and pathological anatomy sectors. GestPath was fully developed by Esblada. Nowadays, GestPath is distributed in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, México and Brazil.

More than 80 hospitals and private labs are already using Esblada Medical's technology in its day-to-day routines with a much higher rate of efficiency.

The team

We are a young, dynamic and multi-disciplinary team that constantly aims at customer satisfaction and process efficiency.

Adrià CalvoIT technician
Ana Vieira
Ana VieiraProduct specialist
Arnau DazaDevelopment technician
Carme LlevotCommercial Department
Cristina RuzCustomer support technician
Dani Badia
Dani BadiaCOO
Eduardo MorcilloIT technician
Esther MenaProduct specialist
Francesc Roig
Francesc RoigCEO
Gerard VillaretDevelopment technician
Guillem ÁbalosCustomer support technician
Joan MasDevelopment technician
Joel OliverasDevelopment technician
Martí EspinarCustomer support technician
M. Ángeles CastroCommercial Department
Oriol Torné
Oriol TornéDevelopment department supervisor
Sofia Lazo
Sofia LazoFinancial department supervisor
Susana jiménezCustomer support technician
Toni Santonja
Toni SantonjaCustomer support advisor
Víctor CastueraCustomer support technician
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