With the objective to continue being a benchmark in the field of comprehensive pathology management and healthcare IT solutions, Esblada Medical has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard to ensure, maintain and improve the level of service to our clients.

We believe that, if we have managed to make our clients continue to trust us, it is because we give them added value through our solutions in the health field. Solutions that seek to improve process management providing improved traceability in diagnostic through. At the same time, we provide greater quality control and a reduction in costs associated with its activity.

Our quality system is based on the following points:

    We are focused on providing a comprehensive service to our customers based on our IT solutions, adding value, giving the highest quality, meeting the needs and expectations of customers at all times. To achieve this, we use the minimum time necessary to deliver and perform the set-up of the computer solution, as well as we can provide constant maintenance and technical assistance.

    We offer our workers and collaborators the opportunity to participate in the company's project with stability, security, training and a guarantee of Esblada Medical. So that these people can fulfill the company's commitment to quality, Management provides the training and resources necessary to have the necessary skills and carry out a correct development of our processes.

    Go beyond compliance with both our legal requirements and those of our clients, since we apply continuous improvement and innovation. In this topic, annually, within the framework of the Management Review, we establish the quality objectives of the company.

    Being leaders and benchmark in technological solutions for the health field, focused on the management of anatomical pathology processes, both for the innovativeness of our solutions, as well as for the quality of our service and the incorporation of improvements based on the suggestions detected, for example, through our clients.

    The policy is communicated to all company workforce and we review it annually as part of the Management Review.

Francesc Roig

Managing Director of Esblada Medical La Garriga. December 16, 2020

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