Esblada Medical is a spin off of Esblada Engineering Services. It has over 10 years of experience in both sanitary informatics and pathological anatomy sectors. GestPath was fully developed by Esblada. Nowadays, GestPath is distributed in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, México and Brazil.
More than 50 hospitals and private labs are already using Esblada Medical’s technology in its day-to-day routines with a much higher rate of efficiency.


We are a young, dynamic and multi-disciplinary team that constantly aims at customer satisfaction and process efficiency.
  • Adrià Calvo
    Adrià Calvo
  • Albert Navarro
    Albert Navarro Integrations Technician
  • Ana Vieira
    Ana Vieira Product Specialist
  • Dani Badia
    Dani Badia COO
  • Francesc Roig
    Francesc Roig CEO
  • Genís Soler
    Genís Soler Programming Technician
  • Joan Mas
    Joan Mas
  • Jordi Riera
    Jordi Riera Office clerck
  • Lluís Gabriel
    Lluís Gabriel Systems Technician
  • Oriol Torné
    Oriol Torné Development Department Supervisor
  • Sofia Lazo
    Sofia Lazo Financial Department Supervisor
  • Susana Jiménez
    Susana Jiménez
  • Toni Santonja
    Toni Santonja Customer Support Advisor