Digitalización de peticiones

Laboratory Report Viewer

Acceso multidispositivo a informes

Electronic Request

Registro de incidencias

Intelligent real-time Notifications

Plataforma multidispositivo

Access it from anywhere


Watch a video detailing what Kaukalink can do for your laboratory and your customers.

Kaukalink reduces test management and publishing diagnostic results time.

Improve your response times


  • Immediate publication of results
  • Immediate doctor or patient notifications.
  • Access the results from anywhere

Provide your customers with valuable tools


  • Electronic requests
  • Results accessible anywhere.
  • Reports sent directly to patients
  • Results history

Improve communication with customers


  • Instant messaging in both directions
  • Real-time results notifications
  • Request studies online

Full specimen traceability


  • Generation of specimen labels
  • Possibility of working with preprinted labels
  • Specimen registration via optical reading

Electronic request

  • Automate data registration at the time of specimen collection and track their status.
  • Generation of labels for identification of samples sent to the laboratory (Optional).
  • Physicians will have at their disposal a web interface so that they can request analysis from any device

Laboratory report viewer

  • Reports can be read immediately by both the physician and the patient.
  • Download the report in PDF format
  • Physicians will have at their disposal a web interface so that they can request analysis from any device

Intelligent real-time notifications

  • Real-time information on the specimen’s status: registration at the laboratory, in process, completed, report available, viewed report.
  • Alerts and notification based on what interests you: Positive cases, Published report, Urgent, ….

Requests design and set-up

  • The laboratory will be fully autonomous when it comes to defining analysis requesting form templates.
  • It offers both a wide variety of forms and the possibility to customize them.
  • The information to be filled in can either be required or optional.

Specimen registration at the laboratory

  • The specimen registration process is well organized and errors are fewer
  • Identification with optical code labels.
  • Once registered, the specimens’ status is automatically updated
  • Physicians can be aware of their request status without having to call the lab.

Adapt Kaukalink in order to suit your laboratory’s size and needs